Monday, February 20, 2012


Somehow we got back into DRAGONTIME:

Re-read the first Temeraire book, which gave me a whole lot of clarified information on dragon sizes and harnesses. I had totally forgotten that a fully-kitted out heavyweight dragon will have chainmail and plate armor. Also, the dragon's ground crew will strap into the belly-rigging for the duration of travel. And perhaps most importantly, the fact that Regal Coppers (see Maximus) are the biggest dragons known to Europeans in 1805, at 120 feet from nose to tail. Celestials and Imperials are slightly smaller and much leaner, a Longwing is around 60 feet, and a Yellow Reaper is just under 50.

Anyways, more Temeraire in the near future, as well as more Kezar.

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