Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines day from the Mobile Infantry!

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  1. You're getting much closer on the MI armor.
    If the suit can be dropped from space and withstand the type of attacks described there would be no exposed un-amored areas.
    Keep in mind how surprised Rico was when a hole was punched in a soldiers armor.
    The suit would have a support frame that allowed the jump jets and load carried to be supported by the suit and not the soldier inside.
    I always pictured a powered hinged joint at the hips that allowed sitting and bending but would react to changes in pressure. Remember how Rico was left frozen in a crouch during training when his power was cut.
    This frame would connect to a cross frame or loop to support the weapons on the back and shoulders.
    I would hope someday to see a good set of drawings that could be put in a 3D printer.