Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cyborg Deer!!!!

Man, it's been way too long.

Anyway, Cyborg deer.

This came about while I was doing some thinking about the Cyberpunk story I'm working on. I want to keep the story as "traditional" as the genre gets, with casual Virtual Reality, affordable cybernetics, brain implants, hyper-powerful and ruthless super-corporations etc.

It's the details that I'm playing with. I read an article recently about the burgeoning filed of remote control animals. Scientists have had the remote control cockroach and rat for a while now, and I just took that to it's natural conclusion: Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a robot to patrol the perimeter of your shadowy base in the woods when you can take a deer, surgically implant some control hardware in its skull and strap some armor on it? The deer is already fantastic at running around in forested areas, and you feed it grass.

I'm working on more of these, so check back soon!

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