Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shadowrun on My Mind....

Shadowrun is an old-ish tabletop RPG that I've been aware of for a while now. I have many a fond memory of playing the videogame adaptation on the SNES, and the world has always appealed to me. Take Tolkein's dragons, elves, orks, trolls and dwarfs, put them into William Gibson's "Neuromancer", set the whole thing in Seattle and you get Shadowrun.

I can't actually remember why now, but I've had Shadowrun on my mind something fierce for the last few days. So much so that I've been doing character design images from the Shadowrun universe.

On the left, we have a female elf Technomancer, and on the right we have a male human Street Samurai. I'm planning on doing a Troll Bioware thug, an Ork shaman and a Dwarf rigger, to round out the races/classes. I plan to keep everything greyscale as well.

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