Thursday, August 19, 2010

His Majesties Nineteenth Werewolf Regiment

I had a dream around a year ago about werewolves, but the only thing I could remember when I woke up was one single line: His Majesties Nineteenth Werewolf Regiment. Maybe it's because I was reading the Termeraire series at the time, which is the Napoleonic Wars with Dragons, but something about old-timey warfare with the added element of Werewolves definitely stuck with me.

Here's the first paragraph I wrote about the Nineteenth:

Word on the boat was that the Russians had brought in a pair of vampire regiments along with the fresh cossacks, hoping to negate the Nineteenth's advantage during the cold nights on the Avoz Front. The full moon was only a few nights away, bringing with it increasing strength and ferocity for the werewolves of His Majesties Nineteenth, but also decreasing cognition and rationality. The bombardment of Taganrog had been going on for more than six hours. In small bunches, out of the way of the sailors of the dropships, the wolf-men discussed the coming battle in quick, barked snatches, their dull ocher coats hanging baggy and un-belted in preparation for nightfall, and the changes it would bring to each each man's body.

You'll have to be a real history nerd to know what war this takes place in without resorting to the Google or the Wikipedia.

Here's the first illustration I did of a member of the Nineteenth:

I think I need to re-do the jacket. It's looking a little too carnival ringleader right now, and less mid-19th century British army. I am however pretty pleased with the head and hands of the wolf-man.

I'll probably do some Russian vampires next.

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  1. Like his hands, legs, feet and arms. You got the pants really good too. The coat could use some work...but I only think that as a costume snob. Prince Albert in the Young Victoria (nerd...) had a really neat red coat that might come in handy for referance.